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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dave Hewitt

My wife and I often spend a Saturday cooking up 20 different meals.  She is the planner, and loves to put together the menu.  During the week I am often quizzed on which dinner sounds better.  I help her narrow down which new recipes to try as well as pick out some of our old favorites.   By the time Friday rolls around she has a complete list of the ingredients and together we buy the items that we do not already have.  If we have the energy when we get home we begin chopping the veggies.

Starting Saturday morning we begin a busy but enjoyable day of preparing all the dishes.  I usually wash the pots and pans as they get dirtied, she fries the meats, I debone the chicken, she simmers the soup, and there is plenty of chopping for the two of us.  We tend to let our daughter watch a few extra videos and extend her computer privileges on that day.  As a result, we enjoy more time together even if it is while working.

By Saturday night, our freezers are full of ready to cook dinners.  We are tired, but happy that the work is finished.  Not only have I spent a day with my wife, but for the next month or two we will eat like royalty.  We can choose whether we want chicken, beef, seafood, Mexican, Chinese, Italian or try something new.  If we get sick, home made soup is made.  Right now our freezer is stocked in anticipation of our new baby next month.