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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly Yeats

A few years ago, before my husband and I were married, he worked a job that he absolutely hated. I would often do “little things” to cheer him up, and make him feel better, particularly while he was at work. He took his lunch to work every day, and I would often make it for him, just so that was one less thing that he would have to worry about.

One day as I was preparing his lunch for him, I was in a particularly fun mood and decided to get a little silly and creative. I grabbed a pen and the banana that was part of his lunch, and drew all kinds of silly pictures and fun messages all over it. There was barely any space left on the outside of the banana by the time I was done. I slipped it quietly among the rest of his lunch.

My husband had an absolute ball reading all my encouraging and romantic messages, and looking at all the little silly drawings. He said that banana made his day.

It’s been almost three years, and you know, he STILL talks about it.