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submitted by: Kelly Yeats

When I met my future husband, he was working as the executive chef in one of my home town’s most beautiful restaurants. On our first date, he took me
there on a night that it was closed, and cooked an incredible dinner for me. That is a story unto itself.

Later, after we had been dating for a while, I found that he was bad about not calling as often as I would like. There was one instance where he REALLY should have called me and didn’t. Once he realized that I was upset, he made an effort and called more often.

Well, I believe in positive reinforcement, so I called my mother, who has an incredible herb garden, and asked her if I could come get some basil out of it for him, as I knew it was one of his favorites. When I walked into his restaurant that night, I was carrying a beautiful, large bouquet of regular basil, braches of jalepeno pepper plants with peppers on them, and opal basil, a dark purple variety.

All the servers were walking up to me commenting on how beautiful it was and asking what he had done to deserve it. I just smiled and winked – let them talk! I went to the chef’s bar and handed it across to him, and told him that I appreciated his call. I smiled and said, “When you’re good, you get rewards!” He stood there speechless, holding the bouquet and just staring at it, mouth open.

Later, he told me how much he loved it, and that he had told the staff that night that he had finally found a woman who knew the way to heart. His special that week was a grilled red snapper filet topped with 2 basils and jalapeno salsa. It sold well!