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Tips & Ideas


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I’ve created several original games and given them to my wife as gifts.  They are surprisingly easy to make thanks to software such as Print Shop.  The simplest one I made, I just put some clip art around the border of a piece of paper to make it look like a game board.  I printed it out, added a dice and stole two game pieces from another game. Voila, a board game

To play you just roll and do whatever the picture showed.  That is, if we landed on a picture of lips, we had to kiss. An article of clothing implied we removed it. A die meant that we re-rolled.  A wine glass denoted taking a drink. I added a picture of hand cuffs as a joke. Landing on a question mark you may ask your partner any question. I had a square that allowed us to say anything we wanted to say. I included a free space where you do not have to do anything.

For the pictures I used a search engine to find free clip art. You could make an original romantic game in a couple of hours. They are fun to make, and fun to play.