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submitted by: RW

Since discovering your site almost 2 years ago (wow, has it been that long?) my husband and I have been having a lot more fun and enjoying a much more romantic relationship overall.  In looking for something to just change things up a little every once in a while, my husband came across a computer game that really has been a lot of fun.

The game is called Bliss, and it’s like Monopoly, but for lovers. You buy property, upgrade by building (Massage Studio, Gym, Dance Hall, Dr. Office, etc.) and charge rent or provide services based on where you land each turn.  The game is downloaded (in our case, onto my husband’s laptop computer) – we started with the Demo version, to see if we liked it, but after 2 times playing, we enjoyed it so much and saw great potential for it in our relationship that we upgraded to the full version (very reasonably priced) and we’re able to get all the updates they ever do with the game forever.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about playing a game with sex in mind, but we’re able to customize it all so it can be as low-key or as saucy as we like, and even set individual preferences. I needed the space to start slow and figure things out, relax, and “let loose”.  It definitely allows for that! The game covers everything from telling your spouse what you admire most about them, to suggestions for massages, to the more explicit tips on new things to try sexually. If either one of you doesn’t like the suggestion for your turn, you can just pass, and go on to the next turn. I learned that my husband really likes sexy/exotic dancing as a result of playing Bliss. And to my surprise, I like dancing for him, too. We would never have discovered that if not for playing the game. And that’s only ONE of the revelations we’ve had.

Making love has always been pretty wonderful for us, and full of meaning and oneness, but playing Bliss every once in a while reminds us of how much fun it can be too, and lets us explore together new things we hadn’t thought of before.  It’s opened up the realm of sexual play that we hadn’t experienced before, and that’s a lot of fun!

Sure do enjoy your stuff, Michael. Keep up the good work.