Romantic Games

Romantic Games


submitted by: Bunny

Closeup of sensuous woman biting red lipsThis is a more mature game that my hubby and I created recently.
I ask him to lie down and try as hard as possible not to make any response (sounds or movements) while I do everything that I know is pleasurable to him that I can to try to elicit a response from him. I noticed that his lack of response is an incentive for me to try out different things, and judging from his responses, I have been able to find out his most sensitive erogenous zones and his favorite techniques.

As the giver of pleasure, it is so exciting to see how much pleasure he is receiving that he can’t hold in a response.  Once he responds, it’s my turn.  As the receiver of pleasure, I am more aware of what makes me feel good, better, and best, while my hubby also finds out with me.  I think the record so far for how long either of us can hold our responses is around a minute or two, although we usually give in after around 10 seconds.

We both can’t help bursting out into either laughter or some of the more sensual responses, like a sigh or moan.  I think that by trying not to respond, somehow the quietness or the attention makes us focus more on how pleasurable a certain technique feels, which makes the pleasure even more intense.

As a woman, I know that there are many women who sadly fake their response, but this elicits an honest response.  By the time we respond, even the response we show is a release, which makes us feel somewhat satisfied.

To make it even more challenging for the receiver, the giver can be free to make sounds to let the receiver know how excited and happy they are to be giving pleasure to them.