Romantic Games

Romantic Games


submitted by: Sara

Victoria's secret scavenger huntThe most fun I’ve had with a romantic game is sending my sweetheart on a romantic scavenger hunt.  I think I had just as much fun planning it as he had playing.  I started with a note in our home sending him to the first location to look for a gift and another clue.  

At his first location, a local store that sells lotions and massage oils, I had a package ready and waiting and the staff at the store had his next clue to give him.  It went something like this, “My friend Vickie has a secret to tell you!”  He had to figure out to go to Victoria’s Secret next to pick up another package and another clue.  Luckily he did!  After that I sent him to a wine shop, a video rental store, candle store and flower shop. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the store clerks were having with my game and how willing to help out they were.   It was great!  When he got home, I had a romantic dinner ready and waiting and I put on the lingerie from Victoria’s Secret, lit the candles, set out the massage oil for later, poured our wine and we sat down to a very romantic dinner and laughed about the clues and the fun we’d both had.