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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jennifer Perkins

My sweetie and I love to play games together. We spent a good many summer evenings out on the balcony trying to sink each other’s battleship. Now that it is getting cooler it’s Scattagories and Trivial
Pursuit in front of the fire.

Our anniversary is approaching and I wanted to do something unique and special for him that we could both enjoy. What better than a game. We had been talking about purchasing a game of Jenga, and so this is where my gift idea came from.

I went to various thrift stores around town shopping through their game sections. Until, wah-la, there it was a game of Jenga with all the pieces included. Now I had no intention of just giving the love of my life a used game, I was going to personalize it.

I went to the craft store and bought some pink paint and a red fine tipped paint marker, and sat down to work. After I had painted all the pieces, I took out my list of sweet, sexy, and silly items I had been jotting down since I thought of the idea. On each piece I wrote a different thing.

“Kiss other person’s left ear for 1 minutes”
“Go and get an ice cube from the freezer and run it down the other person’s back until it melts”
“Play this little Piggy Went to Market with the other person’s toes” So on and so forth, until every piece had something silly written on it.

The night of anniversary we played his new game. Jenga is a tower of small pieces of wood that you take turns pulling out until someone makes the tower collapse. The first piece I pulled read “Sing ‘My Endless Love’ to the other person”, after we laughed so hard at my Diana Ross impression that we both had tears in our eyes, I could tell he loved his gift.