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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Debbie

Separated by 2 states … missing each other … longing for one another desperately … wishing the separation would end sooner … we did everything  we could to make the miles seem less. Sharing our everyday lives with one another helped tremendously. 

I used to plant a garden every year. Now as a  single mom of two – I just wasn’t able to keep up with that and everything else alone. He had never had a garden before and wanted to try one. We  actually planned the garden together. 

I helped him decide what to plant and taught him about keeping a garden. He asked me to send some seeds to plant … so I put together some of my favorites for him. I even included some seeds from the flowers in my yard. He planted those in “our garden”, as we called it. We talked about it almost every day. He took pictures and sent them to me. He even over-nighted some of the vegetables from “our garden”. 

It truly helped to make the distance seem smaller that summer.