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My mother has a passion for plants–flowers, trees, vegetables–she leaves a wake of green stuff in her path.  She has always dreamed of having her own greenhouse, but we can’t actually afford a nice one.  (You know the sort; real glass, not plastic; beautiful wood frame; wrought iron on the door…)My parents live on a cattle farm, and Dad doesn’t exactly have a great sense of aesthetics, but last summer he finally did something that just blew us all away.

He asked mom to plant her peas in containers that spring.  He took a 16′ x 8′ piece of fencing, stood it sideways, and bent it over to make a tunnel.  Then he put the containers (with the pea plants) along the bottom of the tunnel.  The pea plants grew up over the tunnel, completely closing it in, and creating a sweet-scented hide-a-way from the world.

If that wasn’t enough, Dad secretly built a little bench–just big enough for two.  He put it inside the tunnel, then took Mom down to the tunnel at sunset on their anniversary, and told Mom, “we are like two peas in a pod.”