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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Nayla

There are flower gardens and then there are utility  gardens.  Gardens full of beans, carrots and tomatoes.For us, as we plan our homestead together, the latter has become a symbol of growth and self-sufficiency.  There’s something overwhelmingly bonding about quietly working side-by-side in a garden, then sharing a meal made from the fruits of that garden.  And it may be a small thing, but you can be certain we always save the best of the day’s picking for one another.  A perfect red tomato, a “pencil” stalk of asparagus that’s green and sweet…

Gardening is rarely ever about instant gratification, but at moments like those, sitting down in the shade after an afternoon’s work in the ground and hulling sweet peas, passing choice peas back and forth, it does seem very romantic.  More than anything, there’s the satisfaction of knowing we did it together.

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