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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michelle Zwolinski

My boyfriend and I celebrated my January birthday away from each other, which was hard. When I returned from vacation, he had a very special birthday surprise waiting for me.He had bought ceramic pots and a bag of tulip bulbs. Attached to the tulips was a handmade card, relating our relationship to a flower bed that needs to be tended to and a love that will blossom into a great love, watered by care and Christ.

We had been dating for a few months then and our love was still developing. It was the nicest card that I had ever received. This month we are getting around to painting the pots in a theme that will decorate our home when we get married. Since my favorite flower is tulips, we will have a small garden of tulips, to remind each other of how much we love and adore each other.

It is helpful to know that our relationship is constantly being tended to and is always blossoming into something bigger and more fruitful than we could imagine.