With A Garden

With A Garden


submitted by: Michael Donowski

Last fall at the end of September, I had and idea to show the special person in my life just how much they meant to me and how I believed that our love was special and was something that I believed would last.  I went to the local garden center and bought daffodil bulbs.  I went up into the forest where we always went walking on our free afternoons together and found a small clearing and planted the bulbs. (I also hung on to the receipt for the bulbs as “proof” that I actually did this – just in case…). Spring has hit Germany now and all of the spring flowers are in full bloom.  A week ago, the daffodils were in full bloom here in the lower altitudes and I decided to take a walk on the weekend with my special someone.  We were up early in the morning and I said that I had a special surprise.  We took a ride up to the forest where we always take walks.  As the sun was coming up over the hill, we came across to the place where I planted the daffodils.

There spelled out in yellow daffodils were the words “I LOVE (in the shape of a heart) U”.

It took time and patience for the surprise but to me and us it was well worth it. Here is the photograph.