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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Lisa

When we first moved to our new home I was sad.  My flowers were left behind at our old home – all I knew was in that garden.

My husband knew I was having trouble adjusting, finding something to do with my hands… he even sent me to a retreat to help lift my spirits and make new friends.

After the retreat he picked me up and on our way home we stopped and had dinner.  When we got back in the car he handed me a blind fold and told me to put it on… of course I did as we were always surprising each other.

He walked me through the house, I could smell the air freshener he loved to buy, but we stepped out side and I could smell sweet dew and honey… I knew he had gotten flowers, I could name them by smell alone.

He took my blind fold off and kissed my neck, and before me lay our back yard covered in fresh, newly planted flowers, plants… everything I loved and missed.  He even had a spot for my beloved calla lilly’s.

I could see that the ground had just been landscaped, but I could not resist grabbing the new knee rest he had bought and digging and feeling the warm earth.  I waked around and smelled everything, such a tingle to my nose,

Then I came upon some poppies, the sweetest thing I had ever seen… for they were not in a row, they were in a heart, and a small wooden post stuck in the ground at the middle held a picture of my husband and me in my old garden.  I cried and he held me, his words…”I love you, and wanted you to feel at home”.