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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christy Hodder

Mark has done three wonderfully romantic things for me in the garden.  His favorite one is mowing “LOVE” in the grass when it is getting long.

Another is to scratch a pumpkin when it is baby with “LOVE” and present it to me full grown.  The pumpkin will have a neat SCAR with his message etched on it in the fall.

The last one is the most fun… take a pop bottle and put a laminated love letter in it or one sealed in a plastic bag.  Slip a baby cucumber into the bottle mouth when it is just big enough to go in.  Let the cucumber grow inside the bottle until it fills up the bottle.  Now you can present her with a love letter in a bottle  with a cucumber grown right inside the bottle!!!!!

It is the weirdest thing ever and it will be a love letter NEVER forgotten.  You could also etch “love” on the
cucumber and give a LOVE cucumber in a bottle… BIZZARE yet so interesting!