When Someone Is Sick

When Someone Is Sick


submitted by: Kelly Legge


taking care of sick person romantic helpThere’s nothing worse then when you’re feeling under the weather. When my fiancee is feeling sick, I try to make a special effort to make him feel extra special and extra loved.

When he was a child, his mother would always buy him ginger ale for his “tummy”. It’s definitely one of his comfort foods. So whenever he’s feeling sick, I always make certain I buy him a big bottle of ginger ale. I also buy him animal crackers, another comfort food from his childhood. The first time I ever did this for him, he was extremely touched that I had remembered his childhood stories.

Something else I always do when he’s feeling sick, is go out of my way to wait on him. It’s always nice to be “babied” when you’re under the weather, and it’s something that I don’t do for him very often. I will cook him chicken soup, make Jello, rent him movies, rub his back…anything his heart desires. The best part is that I know he’ll do the same for me when it’s my turn to be sick!