Gift Basket Themes

Gift Basket Themes


submitted by: Kathryn Kuntarich


apple gift basket ideaA themed gift basket suggestion to be delivered to your sweetie requesting that the two of you start from the beginning… and follow the lead to paradise. The apple is supposedly what tempted Eve. 

Use an apple basket from the market.  Line it with red tissue paper and a big red bow.  Throw in some fig leaves and the following:

A shiny big red apple (used to slowly seduce your sweetie)

A small jar of apple sauce (dabbed on all the right places)

A baggie of dried apple pieces/granola (used to provide energy during the upcoming night of passion)

A bottle of sparkling apple cider/wine (to be brought into the bubble bath with glasses)

An apple scented candle (to be lit to set the mood near the tub)

Apple body lotion (for a romantic massage after the luxurious bath)

Caramel apple dip (to be applied in areas that have the most heat and then nibbled off)