Gift Basket Themes

Gift Basket Themes


submitted by: Kristin Jones


romantic-summer-camp-counselor-gift-ideaMy boyfriend and I go to the same college, but this summer he is going to be a counselor at a summer camp.  The problem with this is that this camp is on the other side of the country.

So, I got together a bunch of stuff that campers need and turned their importance into why it is important for us.  Here are the things I included:

Chapstick — to keep his lips safe from sun and wind in order for them to be kissably soft for when they meet mine again

Repel Bugspray — to keep all the bugs and female counselors at bay

Padlock with keys (only I kept the keys) — to keep his heart locked up and safe until we are together again

Mini-lamp — to light up his life when I am not there to do it

Compass — to find his way back to me

Sewing kit — to mend his broken heart from missing me

Watergun — to keep his love cooled off until we meet again

Matches — to keep his love burning (but not too hot, because I will not be around, hence the watergun)

Other items I included:

Stationary with already addressed stamped envelopes (with my address of course)

All of these items were relatively inexpensive, but the meaning behind them meant the most.  I included the reasonings for each item, so he knew what I was thinking.

Its going to be a very long, hard summer being apart, but the basket reminds him of how much I love him.  I wanted him to think about me as much as I think about him.