Gift Basket Themes

Gift Basket Themes


submitted by: Pam Luck


chihuahua-dog-romantic-package-gift-ideaI over-nighted this package to my husband when he took some kids to summer camp for a week.

In it you should find the following items:

1.     Shocktarts
2.     Lollipops
3.     Hersheys Kisses (chocolate)
4.     Double Stuff Oreos
5.     Sticks of Chewing Gum
6.     Mints
7.     Pen & Paper
8.     A Key
9.     A Ruler
10.    Band-Aids
11.    An Eraser
12.    A Rubberband
13.    Toothpicks
14.    A Chihuahua
15.    and a Photo of Me

Shocktarts ? to help you get over the “shock” of receiving this “Survival Kit”!!!

Lollipops ? to “pacify” you until you return to me?

Chocolate Kisses ? so you will be covered with my “kisses” while you’re away from me.

Double Stuff Oreos ? because the black & white of the cookie are totally opposite of one another, yet they are SO GOOD together ? just like me and you, Babe!!

Sticks of gum ? to remind you to “stick” close to Jesus and I will, too!

Mints ? to remind you that YOU are worth a “mint” to your Heavenly Father AND to Me!

Pen & Paper ? so you can write down all the neat ways you are blessed on your trip.

A Key ? as a reminder that you have been very trustworthy with the “Key” to my heart??  Thank you, baby?.

A Ruler ? to remind you that you are EVERY BIT the “measure” of a man to me.

Band-Aids ? to remind you to “heal” hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s and to “Thank You” for the gentle way you always heal my hurt feelings.

An Eraser ? to remind you that we all make mistakes from time to time and it’s okay.

A Rubberband ? to let you know how THANKFUL I am that God gave me such a “flexible” / easygoing husband.

Toothpicks ? to let you know how much I appreciate you for always “picking” out and focusing on the good qualities in me and not the bad.

A Chihuahua ? to remind you of your very own “Chihuahua” anxiously awaiting your arrival home.

A Photo of ME ? to remind you that this is the woman who loves you with ALL her heart & soul!!!