With gifts

With gifts


submitted by: Joe Strange


heart puzzle ideasI love to surprise my wife. My most inspired times are around our anniversaries. For our sixth anniversary, I made a Crossword puzzle in the shape of a heart with clues from our marriage and dating life.

The clues included the location of our first date, where we where married, and others. I then cut up the crossword into a jigsaw puzzle. I actually made three of them with identical pieces. I then placed some of the pieces in Wife-addressed envelopes and sent them with a note to hand-stamp them and return them. She received one from North Pole, Alaska, and others from cities with names like Valentine or with Love or Sweet in their name. Some of the hand stamps are very cool.

She had the full puzzle about a week and a half after I mailed them out. We completed the crossword together and celebrated our anniversary. She was amazed at the gift and the effort and time I spent putting them together.