With Gifts

With Gifts


submitted by: Shannon Rasmussen

a week of giftsI was leaving for a week in Mexico with a girlfriend, but my fiancé was staying behind. So, I created a package of gifts for each day I was gone.

I put the gifts in a locker in the airport, and when we were saying goodbye, I gave my fiancé the key to the locker. He said he often stayed up until midnight to open the next day’s gift! Here are some of the gifts I enclosed:

*Ron had bought me a bottle of Dom Perignon once as a surprise, and I had saved the bottle. I made a rebus note, and put the note into the bottle. I snuck over to his house, and hid the bottle in his bedroom closet behind some sweaters. Then I had a set of clues that he opened that led him to the bottle/note.

*I made a crossword puzzle that was all about us. (ie. We went here on our first date. We experienced our first kiss here. etc.)

*I took a children’s puzzle, and turned the pieces over. Then I wrote a love letter on the puzzle pieces. Ron had to put the puzzle together to find out what I wrote.

*I gave him a book of home plans because we are planning to build a home together. I marked elements I loved in the different plans, and encouraged him to dream of our future.

*I gave him 100 Shannon dollars, along with a menu with prices. He gets to use the Shannon dollars for whatever items he wants. (i.e. a foot massage was $15.00)

Ron loved the daily reminder of me, and I loved picturing him opening every gift. It made us feel like we were together, even though we weren’t.