Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: Amanda


romantic wedding invitation card for husbandI am getting married in 4 weeks and without going into too much detail, over the course of the last 2 months I have spent 19 days in hospital (three separate stays and a minor operation) and in between am struggling around the house on crutches. While this sort of thing is not uncommon for me, it was the first time since we’d been together that my fiance had seen me hospitalized. It really galvanised my appreciation of him as a person and helped me through a particularly tough time. Yesterday it was one month until we marry and as I was tidying up the invitation papers, I had the idea to invite my fiance to our wedding. I used the same design and coloured papers I’d used for our invitations but wrote the following:

My Darling, Please do me the honour of taking my hand in marriage one month from today, 25th November 2006 at St John’s Anglican Church at 3:00pm. Join me to stand before our friends and family whereupon we will solemnly vow to love, honour and cherish each other; as friends, lovers and soulmates; loyal and faithful for the remainder of our lives. Be my husband Mathew David and I will proudly be your wife.

He loved it so much he almost cried and today has taken it into work to show his colleagues!