Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: Little Mullett


choose the right path romantic ideas bubble bathI did a really lovely surprise for my man a few months ago. It took me only a couple of days to prepare. One morning I woke up really early and stuck some signs on the walls around the house. Each sign consisted of an arrow pointing in the direction of the next sign. I created two different paths leading around the house. I then stuck a letter to the wall in our bedroom for him to read when he woke up. The letter told him to choose a path. If he chose the right path, I would be there at the end waiting for him. If he chose the wrong path, he would not find me. So as he followed one of the paths around the house, I was waiting for him in the bathroom. Little did he know that both paths lead to the same place.

When he opened the door to the bathroom, he saw me standing in front of the bathtub, which I had filled up with hot water and bubble bath. I also placed 65 candles all around the bathtub and sink. I handed him a note I was holding. It read: Congratulations, you found me. There wasn’t a wrong or right path as both paths lead back to me…. No matter which path you take in life, I will always be there beside you holding your hand, behind you ready to catch you when you fall and in front of you helping you forward.

Sitting on the bench, I had two fresh towels folded with rose petals on top. I also had a hand made book which I created the night before. It was 100 pages long and on each page it had “I love you” in 100 different languages.

The day before I bought 2 bottles of red dye, confetti and a love heart shaped bake tin. I poured the red dye and confetti into the bake tin and filled the rest up with water. I then put it in the freezer to freeze over night. The next morning while setting up the paths, I shook the heart shaped ice out of the tin and placed it on the bench on top of some pretty cardboard (So the dye doesn’t dye the bench top). We had to get rid of the ice quickly tho because the heat from all the candles was melting it. We then hopped into the bathtub and I gave him a relaxing massage.

He absolutely loved it! I was still getting thanks from him for weeks afterwards.