Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: KaMing Kho


romantic castle dinner idea love poemI am writing from The Netherlands and have been thoroughly enjoying your weekly tips in your newsletters! I wish to share with you the two most romantic things that has ever been done for me.
1. My boyfriend took me on a long train ride for my birthday, purposely not telling me where we were going. We ended up in a small town and he led me to some nearby woods. As we walked, I got more and more curious and began to ask what my ‘present’ was. he replied, “there it is!” and I looked up to see a horse drawn carriage! There were two people dressed in long coats and capes who were driving and the hostess stepped out of the beautiful black glossy carriage with red velvet lining. She explained that we had a picnic basket for on the way and that she would await us at the castle for dinner! We rode around for a while and when we got back at the castle, dinner had been set up with a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice.

The idea was so original and it definitely catered to my hopeless romantic personality.

2. Me and my boyfriend were on holiday in Turkey and I was feeling down one night. I told him to go down to the bar if he wanted, but I was not going to go. He left and was gone for quite some time and by the time I heard him come in, I was feeling quite angry that he had left me for so long. I turned around to see him and he walked right up to the bed, kneeled down and recited a poem right there! He had been away for so long, writing a poem in his mind and trying to remember it so he could recite it to me! All the anger faded and I burst into tears with happiness!