Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


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romantic surprise week of love valentines anniversaryLast year for Valentine’s Day was also my fiancé’s and my anniversary.  So, I decided to make the celebration week long, designating it the “Week of Love”.  Each day, I presented her with a manila envelope.  Inside the envelope was a homemade card with subtle clues about what we were going to do that day.

Day 1: I took her to see her Stomp, a production that she had been dying to see.

Day 2: I took her to get a massage.

Day 3: I gave her directions over the phone to go get a manicure

Day 4: I gave her three boxes, each with a pair of earrings in them.  I like to buy earrings for her, and it has become something special for both of us.

Day 5: My fiancé absolutely loves to take baths.  I had her come over to a friend’s apartment.  When she got there, there was a note telling her to come in.  She then followed a trail of candles to the bathroom.  There were instructions there telling her to enjoy a nice, long bath, and that I would be waiting for her afterwards in the living room to snuggle up to a good movie.

Day 6: National Celebrate Sara Day. I contacted about 70 of my fiancé’s close friends and families and had them all write her an encouraging note or letter of love. I received tons of replies. I gave her the bag of letters and let her sit by herself and read all of them. When I came in afterwards, she had a multitude of tears running down her face.

Day 7: We went to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. Our first date was with chocolate fondue, so this was very special.