Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


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little romantic heart gift ideasWhen my sweetie and I were celebrating his birthday for the first time together as an actual couple. We had been friends for sometime. This being a new relationship I wanted to use this as an opportunity to show how much I cared about him. I was disappointed when, while shopping, he mentioned he really wanted a pair of shoes he had been admiring. This was not the romantic present I hoped to give…plus I am a firm believer that presents should be a surprise. I decided to get the shoes and something extra that was more heartfelt. I found the perfect present. The night of his birthday I wrapped both presents. I gave him the expected present first. Then handed him a small box. Inside was a note that read:

“I searched far and wide for a present worthy of you. A present that would help you to understand how much you mean to me. I didn’t find anything…so tonight I give you the only thing I own worthy of our love….tonight I give you my heart.”

Beneath the note was a small green stone that had been polished in the shape of a heart. He was touched and it brought him to tears.  Years later, my sweetie still carries that heart in his pocket.