Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: Kelly


healthy romantic at home dinner date picnic ideasFirst of all I love and enjoy your materials sent weekly. Most of them are the simplest of ideas and I really love that!!

I have been dating a wonderful man for almost 3 years. He is absolutely fabulous and not only that he is exceptionally romantic!!! His occupation is one that you would not think would be a romantic type…rather the macho type, but not my guy!! He’s a lieutenant at the fire department. Yes a big macho fireman.
One Saturday when I arrived for our date (at home). (We both have 15 year old girls and they were busy with things other than us or things that did not require our attendance…FINALLY!!!)  🙂

We live in different towns about 30 minutes apart and do all of the wonderful long distance things. I slip cards all around his house that he will find at different times as well as mailing him cards.

Back to the story….when I arrived he had prepared a wonderful snack type meal with candles and wine, moved the coffee table and made a big picnic in the living room floor with a rented movie.
But that wasnt all this entailed. I eat very differently than he does. He’s a cheeseburger/french fry kind of guy. I’m a health organic nut. He spent the time at the grocery store finding “whole wheat”(as the first ingredient) not enriched wheat types of bread and whole wheat crackers and also bought low fat cheddar cheese (my favorite kind) had deli meat sliced for finger sandwiches…no hormone – Preservative free of course!! :)He also purchased some strawberries and chocolate bars. He took the time to melt the chocolate and dip the strawberries in them. Because they were a little lumpy and not perfectly smooth from a bakery even made them more special!!!

Any way he admitted later that it took him over 2 hours in the grocery store and had to ask the employees ALOT of questions. Most of these organic or whole grain things I eat are not in the section where one would most likely look. He told me it is HARD to find these things and hard to shop for them. Of course for me, I know just where to go and look, but for him, he had to do the research.

MAN!!! What a sweet guy. It was all cut up and arranged beautifully: choc/strawberries, cheese, crackers, little tiny bite size sandwiches, other fruits, almonds, etc.
Boy did I ever feel special. He spent over 1/2 a day doing this for me!!!

I’ll tell you in his eyes, I’m one special girl. On the “Man Point Scoring System” (MPSS for short) he scored many points that he can keep in his “reserve” account for say… THIS SATURDAY to go to the STARS game with his captain (he he).