Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: Kelly


romantic king for the day ideasHere’s something I did for my guy on his birthday. I went to the party store and got one of those crowns, then to WalMart to purchase some red velvet. I got a box that the crown would set in and lined it appropriately with newspaper, tissue, making a circle the crown would fit perfectly in. Covered it with the velvet. I got a card (piece of my scrapbook paper) folded in half like a “place setting card” and wrote “KING FOR THE DAY” and sat it inside of the crown. When he opened it, he was instructed not to turn the box over, just to open the paper from top down, then open the lid. When he opened it, there sat the crown with KING FOR THE DAY in it. In the card I explained to him that he could get a king for the day with his choice of activities, maybe a bike ride, picnic, etc.

He continually teased me that he wanted some real work out of me and wanted the vacuuming, dusting, laundry, mopping, etc. done.So I purchased a French maid costume. (a very classy one I might add – not smutty) bought a piece of ribbon for the choker around my neck and made a headband for my hair like TV french maids wear.

I arrived home in my costume with a mop bucket filled with ice and a bottle of wine and my feather duster. WHAT A HIT!!! after we laughed and funned about it. I changed into sports clothes and we went on a beautiful picnic (I brought food for that as that was the original plan) and took our bikes. We spent 4 hours there having our picnic, riding and just talking and watching people.