Great Romantic Ideas

Great Romantic Ideas


submitted by: Leigh


romantic love japanese lacquer box surprise magical ideasTo me romance is about thoughtfulness, going out of your way to make the person you love feel loved. I travel a fair bit for work, requiring me to be out of town sometimes for a week or more at a time. When my husband and I had been dating for about 4 months, I had a trip planned that had me out of the country for five weeks. To keep him thinking about me, and knowing how much I loved him, I had put together a staying home package for him to open something every day I was gone.

In this package was a small Japanese lacquer box, and inside the box were the following instructions: “This is a Magic Wish Box. Whenever I am away from home, if you place your wish inside, and lay the box on top of my pillow, the wish will be granted when I return”.

My then boyfriend, had several weeks to think up his first romantic wish, which Magically came true of course after I got home. The next day I went looking for the Magic box, which much to my surprise had magically disappeared, only to resurface again, the next time I returned home from a trip.

Not only was I thrilled he had enjoyed the original gift, I was even more touched that the spirit of it being a renewable romantic gift was fully appreciated.

One year later, my boyfriend kidnapped me for a surprise romantic getaway. When we returned to our B&B from a night out, much to my surprise the Magic Wish box was sitting on my pillow.

“No!!” I turned to him accusingly, saying it doesn’t work when we are both away from home. He grinned and told me to open it anyway. Inside was a tightly folded note that said I was to give it to him to read.

He read all the things he loved about me, and how from the moment he was first given the Magic Wish Box, he knew the one wish he really wanted was…

For me to answer his question “Will you marry me?”

That was two years ago, and somehow, though the Magic Wish box can never be found when I look for it, it always magically appears whenever I return home from a trip.

PS. My husband told me, that he phrased his wish for me to answer the question, so there could never be any implication that a “yes” was forced through the use of magic.