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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christy Hodder

pumpkin patch dateThere is a pumpkin farm up north from us. They have a huge pumpkin patch and arts and crafts booths, homemade food, petting zoo, etc.

On Halloween we drive up to the festival and on the way there we just reconnect and talk about everything and anything. Once we get there we take the hay ride to the patch and both pick out a pumpkin, then when we get back we shop around and check everything out, take pictures.

There is one rule though, we both have to buy each other a gift, doesn’t have to be something expensive or large, just something romantic that we know will touch the other person. And we have to secretly buy it when the other person isn’t looking.

When we get back home that night, we will make a nice romantic dinner together and while that is cooking, we will carve the pumpkin, he has one side, I have the other. Then we stick in a candle and have dinner by the jack o lantern. Then we cuddle together on the couch and exchange presents, followed by watching some scary Halloween movies.