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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Joy

For the three years of dating and one year while we were engaged my husband and I had the tradition of carving pumpkins and displaying them for the trick or treat kids.
pumpkin carving couple
This past year he was in Oklahoma at college and I was still at home in Idaho. We set a date and each drove to Wal-Mart and talked about how and why we were selecting our pumpkin for this year.

We put in a CD and talked on our phones and carved our pumpkins. When we were finished we both took pictures of our pumpkins and sent them to each other.

It was fun to get a chance to do the stuff we had always done together while being 2000 miles away from each other. For a surprise for my husband I scrap-booked our pictures in a small book and did some journaling and now we keep adding pictures to our book of pumpkin carving.