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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Richie Gobin

It is fun to ‘shop’ for a pumpkin together. To find just the right size & shape so that you may go home and plan your sculpture.pumpkin surprise

Keep in mind how fun it can be to place newspapers on the kitchen floor to capture all the gooey mess of a ripe pumpkin.

Here is how I planned a surprise for my wife.

I cut an opening into the ‘bottom’ of the pumpkin and placed inside, wrapped in a plastic moisture-proof baggie, a love note & small gift (necklace).

My wife & I then decided how to carve the pumpkin. I told her that we first needed to to cut the top off and dig out the gooey seeds & meat of the pumpkin.

We both reached into this wet mess, pulling together on the strands of seeds. I pulled my hand out and told her to finish pulling the guts out.

As she reached in to complete the removal of the ‘guts’ of the pumpkin, she found the baggie. Just to see her smile as she discovered this gift, was worth the mess.