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submitted by: Cathleen

mask man with rose

My partner and I were having our first Halloween in my new house, something I was very excited about! We had carved pumpkins and bought enough candy to feed half the city, and were happily giving it out to the kids coming to the door.

About halfway through the evening I went to answer another knock at the door and opened it to find not another group of costumed kids, but rather a full-grown adult! He was kneeling on the porch with slicked-back hair, a dark thin mustache, a black cape, complete with a rose between his teeth.

He spoke with a French accent, swept into the house, presented me with the rose, kissed me, and swept back out the front door and ran off into the night.

A few minutes later my partner, dressed in the usual jeans and t-shirt, came walking out from the kitchen, looking completely innocent and asking why I was smiling so much and where I got the rose.