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submitted by: Carol Grant

I can remember one particular Halloween that was, well, not overly “romantic” but more suspenseful than anything.mask surprise

You see, to add some ‘zest’ to our relationship, my husband and I were going to a Halloween party and wanted to keep things interesting. So, neither showed the other our costume nor did we speak of what each would be wearing.

Knowing there would be over 200 people at the party, it would be easy to keep a distance and also remain anonymous.  We both dressed at separate places and neither gave hints as to what the other would be dressed as.

We arrived in separate cars, both bringing a friend, and promised not to peek in the parking lot at the other arriving, scheduling our arrivals at least an hour apart.  We also had to promise not to watch the door (because the staff were asking for I.D. and masks to be removed upon entering.)

The night was a complete success and a complete turn-on as well as we both discussed later how intrigued we were by everyone.  As each person walked by, we’d ask ourselves, “Is that him? Is that her? Maybe she’s the devil over there…” It was such a big mystery and a complete turn-on.

We also agreed that at midnight we would reveal ourselves to each other, each taking off our masks to find the other…  What a discovery!

The real fun was after we got home, almost like being together for the first time again after rediscovering ourselves….