Romantic Hobbies

Romantic Hobbies


submitted by: Lindy


romantic-stargazing-night-sky-amazing-dating-ideas-romantic-hobbies-buy-a-starMy boyfriend and I really enjoy stargazing as a hobby. We’ll go out at night and just lay there staring at the stars. For our one year anniversary, I’m going to “buy” him a star. Now, I know a lot of people do this, but to make it special and unique, I’m going to make up a story to go along with the star.

A lot of constellations have Greek mythological stories that explain them. All the ones I have read have been about Gods fighting monsters or something, so I’m going to make up my own story about a pair star-crossed lovers and explain how their love was so strong for each other that it was drawn into the stars so it would last for literally, eternity.


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