Romantic Hobbies

Romantic Hobbies


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open house romantic hobbiesDuring the past few months my boyfriend and I have picked up a new hobby on the weekends…open houses.  We live separately and have no intentions on moving in together, but we have been addicted to going to all the open houses for condos in Chicago.

We have found it is a great way to explore the city, the unique neighborhoods, and restaurants.  We also now know everything that we would and wouldn’t want in our own place one day.

At each open house we have fun pretending we’re going to be moving in together and lots of the time pretending that we’re actually rich enough to spend a million dollars on a two bedroom place.

At the end of the day we go back to my boyfriend’s tiny one bedroom apartment, exhausted from walking all day, talk about our favorite and least favorite places, the strangest real estate agents, and most importantly…dream about our future home.