Romantic Hobbies

Romantic Hobbies


submitted by: Kelly Yeats

date money hobbies romanticFor my birthday last year, my husband bought me a glass painting kit, something that I’d had my eye on for quite some time.

A few months back, my husband and I had a conversation about making our relationship more of a priority. Having two very young children makes it quite challenging to find both the time and the money for romance in our lives. I decided to use the glass painting kit that he had given me to make him a small gift to help keep our goal in mind. I took an old jar and made a long slit in the lid. Then I painted it to read “Date Night Fund”, with lots of pretty hearts on it as well.

Now, whenever we have any spare change, we drop it into the jar, and use it towards bottles of red wine, movie rentals, order-in food, nice massage oil…anything at all to add a little romance to our lives.