At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Catie Z.

I love you romantic cookie cake ideaMy husband and I had a very special Christmas the first year that we were dating.  I had decided that I would pick the day before I went home for Christmas break (I was in college at the time) as the day to tell him that I loved him.

I prepared a very elaborate evening for him and kept him in suspense the whole week prior. When he came over, I was dressed in my most flattering dress, had soft jazz music playing in the background, and had candles lit.

Little did he know, but I had prepared our entire dinner by myself. The surprises didn’t end there though. After we finished our dinner and a glass of wine, I showed him his dessert. I had made a cake, cut it into the shape of a heart, and spelled out “I LUV U” in M&M’s in the cake’s frosting.

He also received a very special gift that night – a CD that held all of the songs that expressed exactly how I felt about him. We danced to it for the rest of the night…

He was surprised, delighted, and we still talk about our first Christmas together.