At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Jacque

couple watching movie romantic ideas

My husband has a night class at the university on Tuesdays. Earlier in the day I went shopping and accidentally found out Wal-Mart finally had my husbands favorite ice cream, Blue Bell’s Mocha Almond Fudge. I grabbed a 1/2 gallon, his favorite beverage (Dr.Pepper) and a movie he had been wanting to see but never had the time to.

As I kept thinking of all these things, I realized what a better time for a date then when he least expects it? So, I had everything hid in the guest room and freezerĀ and when he got home, I had him wait in our bedroom.

I set it all up in the living room and then greeted him with the lights out, shirt off, bowl of ice cream and glass of Dr. Pepper ready. Needless to say, he accepted everything with a big grin. I never told him what ice cream he was about to eat (the reason for the lights out). He figured it out on the first bite as the movie began to play. What a romantic night that was.