At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Suzy Erekson


dinner at home date with familyThis year we as a couple decided not to go out to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. We have four boys and we wanted to show them how much we loved them also. We as a family decided to make our house into a restaurant.

My kids helped us make menus and place cards for the tables. We all got the meal ready. We had down sized our kitchen table to a cozy little round table and brought a little picnic table from out side to use also. We put tablecloths on both tables with candles on both but only flowers on the round one. We tied helium filled balloons next to the tables.

My oldest three kid then dressed up in Sunday clothes. Their assignments were one was the Maitre d’ ,  another was the chef helper and the last was the waiter.

My husband and I went out the front door and then knocked. My next to youngest child welcomed us to SuzyQ cafe and sat us down and then gave us a menu to look at. My oldest child the waiter then came and asked what we wanted to drink and lit the candle. They took our order and the chef helper dished it up and then served it to us. The kitchen help then got to eat. At the very end our kids even helped to clear the dishes. It was one of the funnest dates we had and one of the cheapest!