At Home Dates

At Home Dates


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romantic candle lit day time room at home date ideasWe have two school aged boys, I work part time outside the home, and my dear husband works a rotating shift (he’s a police officer).

We have found ourselves at home a lot lately in the middle of the day, since the kids are at school. We don’t often see a night out alone together, so we’ve turned those “alone” days into date days. We go place and do things, but our best date so far was the time my husband “blacked out” the house while I was taking the kids to school and running morning errands.

When I returned (about lunch time), I found the windows covered, the house was dark – except for the fireplace (he had lit all the candles in the house and put them in there), and a candle on the table. We never see each other for dinner, so he created a candlelit dinner for us – complete with lobster and cheesecake!

Afterwards, we played board games next to the fire & cuddled until it was time to go get the kids.