At Home Dates

At Home Dates


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Couple on a beachI love the beach. I always told my wife that I’d really love being alone with her on a nude beach.

Being in the Midwest in winter time is not a good combination for any kind of beach!

However, I came home day and she told me to close my eyes and she took my hand and led me to another room.  When she told me to open my eyes, you guessed it, there was a beach!

She had moved all the furniture out of the room, laid down plastic on the carpet, lugged up two floors I don’t know how many bags of sand to cover the carpet; and in the middle of it was a children’s pool filled with water!  She had a tape of ocean sounds playing, sea shells spread around, and even a sand bucket and shovel with the lights dimmed and draped for a moonlight effect.

Although I was afraid the floor would collapse from the weight – we had a great date! We’ve been to the beach many times since over the past 20+years but there has been no beach like this one!