At Home Dates

At Home Dates


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romantic sunny beach at home date ideasMy husband realized that I had been in slump for the past couple of weeks.  The winter had been long and brutal and I was missing the sun tremendously.

He invited me to come home during my lunch hour to “take care of some business”.  When I arrived at home my living room was decorated with pictures that the kids had painted over the years.  Most of them were of colorful outdoor scenes with a big bright sun painted on them (as most kids do).

The furniture had been moved towards the wall and a blanket and the beach chairs were about the room along with a beach ball and some sand toys.  The barbecue on the terrace was grilling lunch and a picnic basket had been arranged with chilled juice, fruit, cheese and crackers.

The lunch was delicious, the view was spectacular and I never made it back to work. My mood was lifted and I can’t wait for Spring.