At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Amy

romantic couple dinner at home ideaThis was a long time ago, as it was when I was in high school… but I still remember how special it was.

Before any formal dances, it was customary for the couples to go out to a nice dinner before the dance.  Since my boyfriend and I had limited funds, I was curious (and probably feeling a little guilty) that he would try to take me to some fancy restaurant.  We didn’t really discuss it, he just assured me that we were going to have a really nice dinner and I was going to be surprised.

That night, he picked me up, all dressed up, and on the way to the ‘restaurant,’ he mentioned that he had forgotten his wallet at home and that we needed to go there quickly to get it before our reservations.

Upon entering his house, I found the room sparkling with many lit candles, a table beautifully decorated, soft music playing, and the smell of something scrumptious in the kitchen.  I quickly caught on, and he led me to the table – where we sat down and were served our meal by his older brother – who was wearing a tuxedo!

We had a lovely, intimate dinner while all my friends later recounted their stories of dealing with loud restaurants and snippy waiters.  My boyfriend was so sweet and romantic…and that was from a high school boy ~ you can imagine he has been a hard act to follow!