At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Cindy Semrau

romantic personal chef ideas at home date ideaHow I missed those old times. “Dating” my husband seemed a thing of the past. My new job was so fast-paced I didn’t have time to just “be” with him.

I dreaded going to work and found myself so tired at the end of the day that I’d fall asleep within an hour of returning home. Grabbing fast food had become a way of life for myself and my husband. Every aspect of our lives seemed to be suffering.

One especially hectic day, my husband called to tell me not to worry about dinner that night.  What I expected was macaroni and cheese. What I got was incredible!

Not only had he hired a friend to clean the house, but a chef to prepare dinner! What a joy to come home to a clean house with a candle-lit dinner!

It was the first time in weeks that I didn’t even THINK about work! We spent the remainder of the evening playing board games, laughing and cuddling on the couch – just like old times!

The next day, I was renewed! I seemed that nothing could ruffle my feathers. Oh, and all my coworkers were so jealous that my husband was so romantic!