At Home Dates

At Home Dates


submitted by: Misty Kitchell

romantic couple massage on couch ideas movie tv beerI get the opportunity to brag on my baby sister’s boyfriend! He lives with a roommate in the same town my sister lives. My baby sister is 21 and is in school and has had a lot on her plate lately.

It was her boyfriend’s birthday and she had to work. He went to visit her at work and noticed right away that she was having a rough time, so he tried to console her a bit before he had to leave. Since she was working, he could not stay long, anyway.

When she left work, there was a note in her car, placed by her boyfriend. It read (as close as I can recall): “Come to my house. I have:

1. Quiet—[my roommate] is out of town

2. Me

3. Beer—Coors Original (her favorite)


5. TV

6. and I

She went home and took a quick shower to relax before going over and when she arrived she was amazed. He had turned the lights off and had candles everywhere.

He told her that he wanted her only to sit down and relax and asked if she wanted a beer – then he refused to let her get it herself! HE insisted on getting her beer, gave her control of the remote (for 5 minutes, she said, but what a concept!) AND gave her a back massage.

My sister felt so relaxed, she actually fell asleep on the couch! She told me about it the next night and we decided that MANY “Bonus Points” were in order!

What a catch!