submitted by: Amy

oahu hawaii waterfallWhen my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii we decided we didn’t want to just do the tourist stuff. We did go snorkeling, which was my first time – and my husband even made that special by giving me a snorkel mask with prescription lenses as a wedding gift – walked along Waikiki, etc., but we also did a three-day backpacking trip in the middle.

A friend I knew online had lived on Oahu 20-some years and led us to a primitive campsite where there was only room for our little shelter under the palm trees. (The friend hiked back out the same day.) Near the flat patch we set our tent up on, was a deep spot in the stream where we could swim! We stayed there, and the next day hiked up to a beautiful 50-foot waterfall.  The hiking was a challenge, with ferns that were chest-high – thank goodness no snakes on Oahu!

We had an amazing time, and it didn’t cost anything except the food we brought.