submitted by: Elle


romantic-woman-on-bed-in-lingerie-honeymoon-ideasOur romance was story book, but the times full of war, moving, separations for work and duty reasons,  babies and danger, and our honeymoon, though posh, lacked in honey… it was a brave effort, but experienced as an expression more of loving desperation and blanched concern, we feared would never end.

But the day arrived!  Life got normal, and successful, and one morning I realized we could finally enjoy a real honeymoon!   We’d been married almost five years!  My husband’s boss’ wife was a neighbor, and we got in cahoots, since our condo complex was a cozy wagon train of corporate transplants, and without her co-operation, to achieve privacy and freedom, we could not have done it.

Permissions cleared, next was the sitter for the babies.  Then shopping, for lots of Missoni’s florals for the king-sized bed… silky sheets, romantic lighting, and good lingerie. He had been trying golf for stress management, and it was not working. The clubs I bought for him annoyed me ( and him ) every time I looked at them so I incorporated them in the scene.

He came in from work, the golf clubs broken in two and placed as directional arrows toward the stairs, followed by the classic line of lingerie, up the stairs to the Master Bedroom, lit with candles, one of his favorite wines and a nibbler at the bedside tables, and live flowers… and me without, at the end of the line of lingerie… the rest was history, and afterward,  his favorites by candlelight in dinner and wine.

Some things and some people are worth the wait… do it just the same again !