submitted by: Maria London


romantic-love-scrapbook-dating-ideas-honeymoonMy husband and I had been great friends for quite some time, even before we dated. So once we started dating we quickly became best friends.  I knew he was “the one” even back then.Everything we did and everywhere we went I brought my camera.  I had secretly told myself that when we get married I will do something wonderful with these pictures to surprise him.  So I started making a scrapbook.  We weren’t even engaged so it was just on faith that I continued to make this surprise scrapbook.  I kept tickets and trinkets from everything we did.

When we finally did get engaged my life suddenly got crazy as I planned for the wedding.  My surprise scrapbook had to take a backseat.  But I did not forget my plan.  Even though I had to stay up a little late, with my bridesmaids helping me, on the night before my wedding I finished my tribute to our relationship.

On our first honeymoon night my new husband and I exchanged OUR gifts for each other.  His gift from me was not only an album full of memories but also the laughs and smiles we shared as we looked through the book together.