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honeymoon cabinTimes are tough, and spending money on the perfect wedding sometimes nudges out the chance of a perfect honeymoon.

As my friends were planning their wedding, we knew that they were going to skimp on the honeymoon…with excuses that they will someday take it. Knowing that they both could take a week off from work the wedding party devised a plan of “timesharing” our homes.

First they spent a romantic weekend at the father-of-the-bride’s cabin in the mountains. From there they drove two hours to the best man’s house (the best man left for the night) to enjoy a tour of the local museum and the next day at the lake, then another two hour drive the big city where they were able to enjoy the night life and stay at the bridesmaid’s apt (of course, she was gone) for two nights

Finally, they drove a few hours to maid of honor’s guest house where she did a bed and breakfast for them and presented them with an album of pictures from the wedding. We all joined them that morning to catch up on the fun they had “honeymooning” around the state.